cConnect 2.5

Automated data transfer from measurement device to LIMS

Standard Interface Software, consisting of 3 modules:
1. Import

Transfer of the data from the system folder of the measuring device (Text or Excel-File) and optional data conversion

2. Archiving

Archiving of the imported data, this is thus available for further evaluations

3. Export

Fully automated data transfer to LIMS / ERP / QM:
Conversion of the data (with or without intermediate calculation) in a format readable by the LIMS and transfer into an input directory for takeover through the LIMS.

  • Saving of working time and working costs by eliminating manual data transmission
  • Competetive advantage through faster availability of measurement results by the LIMS
  • Safety through automated data transfer. This avoids errors of manual work processes.
  • Modular design (individually expandable)
  • Multi-lingual
  • Script editor
  • Compatibility: cConnect supports .csv and .txt-files (optional other formats)
  • Conversion of parameters
  • Summation of parameters
  • Control of serial interfaces
  • Interactive input
 System requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3, Window Vista or Windows 7
  • Free USB-Port
  • For devices with electronic output files or serial interface
  • The system has to fulfill the requirements of Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0