Fat Automation

Sample in – result out

How would you like to put a bottle of fat in a machine and receive all the analytical results automatically in your database? Our latest development can do this.

The Fat automation handles the liquid, prepares the sample and analyzes it; all you have to do is check the results. And we can help you save costs by implementing your existing hardware. Or we can offer you new instruments.

The state-of-the-art handling system can manage many different types of containers. It can open and close caps, automate feeding of containers and dispense fats and reagents by using disposable pipettes.

Other features, like automatic tool changers, VariLab temperature dry baths and flexible software allow us to customize the system exactly to your needs.

Currently the Fat automation supports SFC, FFA and POZ titration and refraction. It is also set up for implementing other analysis like GC or color number.