Magnetic Stirrer

Our flat, wearless magnetic stirrers with up to 15 stirring positions are optimized for the use of standard bulbs and bottles with all common stirring bars.
1,6,10 or 16 stirring positions with 100% wearless and maintenance free inductive drive for the powerful mixing of solutions, wide range of speed from 100 up to 1.500 rpm, 100% synchronously rotating, jerkfree stirring even at lower driving speeds, smooth start and stop for reliable catching / centering and accelerating of the stirring bar, stepless adjustment of performance for high power with large and viscous quantities and reduced power for long-term usage without temperature rise.
Different controllers, starting with a simple control dial and ending with a programmable touch-display with a variety of functions like timer, shaker, ..?, etc., back up of the last status before switch off, completely encapsulated stainless steel housing, easy to clean and durable.