About Us

PT Karya Daya Syafarmasi

Starting from the discussion last year on May 1 2016 among the three founders company about the importance of doing the empowerment over the source of Indonesia’s natural resources by leveraging expertise in respectively i.e. Biotechnology Experts, Pharmacists and experts in the field of Chemical Medicine Materials and chemicals to replace dependency Analysis Pro Indonesia top pharmaceutical raw materials and food raw materials that  are still imported from Europe, India, China. Then they determined to build and set up company and factory that can manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials and food raw material with the highest quality and best in the industry so that it can become a substitute for raw materials that are still imported.

The production process, production facilities and the final product are carefully made referring to the CPOB and GMP as well as the applicable quality standards in the pharmaceutical and food beverage industry. In addition to producing the best quality products to be marketed in Indonesia and later exported to the world, the PT KDS is also working on general goods trading and services.

One of its divisions is Food Safety 360 Consultancy which founders of the company is also supported by experts in this field with experienced more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage and dairy industry, chemical industry, as well as accreditation services for ISO trainning 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000 also Food Safety training and SJH System Halal Assurance Company and Hotel, Restaurant.

Vision & Mission

KDS Vision

To create Indonesia more independend in pharmaceutical raw materials and food ingredient raw materials by reducing import from overseas to Indonesia.

KDS Mission

To produce pharmaceutical raw materials and food ingredient raw materials from natural resources available in Indonesia with the knowledge and expertise of Indonesian experts.

Core Bussiness

Manufactured Products :

NaCl Salt : Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Pro Analytical Grade and Diet Salt.

Trading :

1. Food and Pharmaceutical Raw Material.
2. Laboratory Equipments and reagents.
3. Automation Laboratorium Distributor (LAIX, German).
4. FASMAC.Co Japan for GenCheck DNA Rapid Test Kits
5. Morinanga Allergen Test Kits.

Consultation and Service :

  1. Feasibility Study, Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)  and Process Design and Engineering (PDE) for food and pharmaceutical.
  2. Molecular laboratory design engineering: BSL 2  laboratory.
  3. Molecular equipment based  raining: PCR, real time PCR, Electrophoresis DNA RNA.
  4. KDS Food 360.

Sertifikat Distribusi Farmasi